The Dissension.

Written by on May 20, 2019

‘… Tests came out positive, you know what this means?’

The voice was a tune on repeat plaguing my mind,
A smile I offered, acted like I didn’t mind,
Self hate and disgust screaming at me from behind,
‘Hush’ I told the voices, ‘no need to remind’ ,

Its been a week and all escape plans seem to be too shy,
The girl in the mirror knows the reason why,
Two positives in one day was enough to suffice,
A smile on her lips so bitter, ‘this is no surprise’

The bump on my belly is well hidden from plain sight,
Voices in my head turn silent when I rub the ‘site’,
Nothing comes to mind, mode set to flight,
‘You outdid yourself this time, finally your clothes are tight’
Is what the society would say, thus it stays hidden out of fright,
A week into this, within me I have no fight,

How do I tell the offspring it’s infected with a virus?
Do I smile when I explain why her face is scabrous?
Tell her ‘honey it’s nothing but desirous’
Flash a fake smile, paint it on her face as well using stylus,

Hell, i chose a sex already, should I call him Jesus?
Tell him he saved me from being devious,
Tell him not everything in this world is ever too serious,
Then drop the bomb that he’s infected when he becomes a senior?

Mirror mirror on the wall, should I live or just let go?
Four lines ended my life a while ago,
I’m dead on the inside, you’re my reflection you should know,

They said live and let loose,
I curse my youth, I’m a picture of abuse,
Death has become my enemy, as I grow obtuse,
But i only have myself to accuse,
My lips can’t utter a single excuse,
My life sentence the epitome of reduce,

I don’t want to die though, it’s not just my life, I don’t want to be sanguineous,
So, I guess I’ll keep fighting, become a copy of a meuse,
The whispers in my head might say it’s no use,
But like I said, death became an enemy for with life, it made a truce,
Both have become difficult, they’ve become abstruce,
So I’ll play the puppet, it’s no use if i can’t vamoose,
I’m not happy about it, maybe in the far future I’ll tell my offspring the dad was ‘Zeus
A god that had me cling onto their existence, there was no room for excuse.


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