Growing up Kenyan & watching music interviews well most than never had the simple yet commanding question “Apart from music,is there any business you do…??”…at that moment probably the music industry wasn’t as profitable yet & the answer may be lied in other ventures for the artists but fast forward to 2019 the answer still

In the event that abortion bans have caused such a majormayhem over the past several months across the world, I couldn`t help but wonder if we, the society, views women as fully autonomous human beings. Fully independent and able to govern themselves and their own bodies. Late last year, the Kenya Medical Practitioners & Dentist

“And my time to shine is overdue,but they trynna play me”-(a caption quote that would suit Kenyan musicians with the #PlayKeMusic) swoons one of the most cultured & celebrated African songwriter, producer & singer-rapper “Blinky Bill” Sellanga on OVERTIME a track off the Greatness EP by another highly rated upcoming Sonic, musician & DJ Samuel

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