‘… Tests came out positive, you know what this means?’ The voice was a tune on repeat plaguing my mind, A smile I offered, acted like I didn’t mind, Self hate and disgust screaming at me from behind, ‘Hush’ I told the voices, ‘no need to remind’ , Its been a week and all escape

Growing up Kenyan & watching music interviews well most than never had the simple yet commanding question “Apart from music,is there any business you do…??”…at that moment probably the music industry wasn’t as profitable yet & the answer may be lied in other ventures for the artists but fast forward to 2019 the answer still

In the event that abortion bans have caused such a majormayhem over the past several months across the world, I couldn`t help but wonder if we, the society, views women as fully autonomous human beings. Fully independent and able to govern themselves and their own bodies. Late last year, the Kenya Medical Practitioners & Dentist

ANOTHER ONE!!We The Best & Roc Nation’s,King of Snapchat artists,Mastermind Producer,All round most hype DJ & Father of Asahd🍼 DJ Khaled has officialy dropped his “Best Work Project of his life” in The Album Father of Asahd, and judging from the tracklist that ranges View this post on Instagram who’s on my album? ALL YOUR

“And my time to shine is overdue,but they trynna play me”-(a caption quote that would suit Kenyan musicians with the #PlayKeMusic) swoons one of the most cultured & celebrated African songwriter, producer & singer-rapper “Blinky Bill” Sellanga on OVERTIME a track off the Greatness EP by another highly rated upcoming Sonic, musician & DJ Samuel

This is for all trappers out there. the best trap video mix out yet. This mix from dj braxx is dedicated to all fans of trap music Enjoy. check out more mixes by Dj Braxx at Djbraxx.ml

I wasn’t sure how I felt standing over his possibly decaying body. I couldn’t decide how I felt about his death. Maybe relief or probably guilt. ‘Cole, mi Amor’ boldly outlined on his tombstone, he always thought Spanish was sexy. “Maybe we can name our kids Spanish names baby” I tried to mimic his grouchy
Visual treats are being served you better have the wi-fi not buffer or the data dont scatter (I think I tried too much to make that rhyme)...Here are 5 videos you need to check out this week. 01.Koffee- Ye bbc 1xtra live lounge Jamaican icon in the making Koffee who recently released her EP Rapture

This Weeks playlist features appearances from Miguel, TYGA, Bey T, Rayvanny, Nasty C, Tory Lanez and more

Art is far more than just words or theory on a paper,lyrics on a song,paint strokes on a canvas-art defines emotions,expresses feelings,art is far more than the artist yet the most basic part of an artist-Art is relating to it.Hey,I'm Esir Head of Kiggsradio Content Creation & the chief editor of the kiggsradioblog. With budding

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