1-Listen Album Review:DJ Khaled’s Father of Asahd is the sound of Greatness

Written by on May 17, 2019

ANOTHER ONE!!We The Best & Roc Nation’s,King of Snapchat artists,Mastermind Producer,All round most hype DJ & Father of Asahd🍼 DJ Khaled has officialy dropped his “Best Work Project of his life” in The Album Father of Asahd, and judging from the tracklist that ranges

He must surely have set the standards.

So in usual 1-listen fashion…I’ll take a look at the album from the first track to the last and give you my gut reactions on every song-Oh & its my first listen too.

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01.Holy Mountain ft Buju Banton,Sizzla,Mavado,070 Shake

This has written JAMAICA all over it and a vibrant reggae feel “One spliff a day keeps the devil away…🍁”…Mavado will take you do paradise on that intro…Who’s that on that catchy adlib,Reggae with adlibs-Only Khaled does.Buju right after freedom.This issa reggae ‘highlife joint’ pardon the mary jane references hehe.

Favorited already.Mavado again wooo the crossover…Adlibs and lightining thunder sounds.

02.Wish Wish ft Cardi B & 21 Savage

TAY KEITH F*** THIS N****S UP!!Eyyyyy this issa banger-Cardi B just stole a crown & it got bars too.A flow change.Haha a D line.She handled the hook too.Its definitely goin up in ATL this weekend- twennyone twennyone-Another favorite.The Bass is just lit.

Haha the outro funny as hell.

03.Jealous ft Chris Brown,Lil Wayne & Big Sean

Another tay keith and its Urban RnB nice touch-Chris Brown got me good on this,A dancehall sample on the chorus…Wait Weezy coming up-Nice flow!!Free Wayne is doing the most.Feel Good Summer season is here.Sean don-S/out Erykah Badu too…My feet tapping as hell right now.A heart on this too-Khaled Lessons on the outro-haha!!!

04.Just Us ft SZA

Something Jazzy and groovy on this-Piano keys,That shake it while you snap it dance comes to mind-So into the beat & SZA comes in.Isn’t her voice just soulful and sultry…??I believe parents could jam to this Khaled credits SZA’s vocals with a “This is how an angel sounds”.The piano keys again-The production and soulfulness of SZA steals the show.

05.You Stay ft Meek Mill,Jeremih,J Balvin & Lil Baby

Latina mood music-Nash should hear this….Woooo who is she…??Wait it was just am intro the beat is uptempo now-Latina pop(She is back om adlibs)…Is that jeremih??Hold tha fuck up-Is that meek mill amd it went hood love real quick is that a sample i hear??…Her voice is back again and I hear a laugh-This is trippy the beat blends-Artistry on Production is legendary…Jeremih switch ups are incredible-A certain Sharz would love this.Lil baby comes in doesnt stand out-Balvin takes over and daaamn the latina vibe is back…I wanna dance to this.

06.Celebrate ft Travis Scott & Post Malone

Travis adlibs-Post malone this is ‘old skool rap funk’ perfect-Post always with a rockstar feel.Travis Scott guiding celebrations.Doesnt steal me hope Travis does a verse…Oh wait there he is a post hook though.Not a favorite but still awesome.

07.Higher ft Nipsey Hussle & John Legend

John Legend opens up paradise gates with this…Choir vocals-To Nipsey Hussle,Wonder when this was done ?Rap Switch Up,Nipsey passing some pains and worries.Kanye should do this when he rocks the masses next.

08.Won’t Take My Soul ft Nas & Ceelo Green

This album encompasses the span of two generations and even pours out on the early years.Nas on the good old days-I was still a little kid listening to ‘on his prime’ Nas and he still got it.Ceelo Green describes the album feel “You’ll feel it to the core”.

09.Weather The Storm ft Meek Mill,Lil Baby

Haha Meek Mill on it again-Meek Mill is here to stay I guess.Dreams & Nightmare Meek reigns.Lil Baby’s career peaks month after month-Should I call this Soulful Trap-Piano keys alert.

10.Big Boy Talk ft Jeezy & Rick Ross

Funny I said alert the Khaled had alert on the intro…Trumpets dominate the ears.Old school drop the windows down feel-Rick Ross and Khaled’s relationship is goals-“That isht you smoking smelling kinda skepitical” haha I love that line.

11.Freak N You ft Lil Wayne & Gunna

I love this grooove…The adlibs on this album are new…Lil Wayne swoons…Haha a drake In my feelings sample on his flow.The sample on the hook too-Gunna swoons trap through you the perfect balance to Lil Baby but steals his solo & features too.Props.

12.Top Off ft Jay Z,Future & B

Oooooh this was a single Top Off,One of my favorite trap singles of last year-Jay Z always on it…The #FreeMeek was still alive then-That fuckboy threat is always G.Jay Z’s best verse in the most last recent year could be this.Beyonce raps better than most rappers in the game…#MeekFree💯.

13.No Brainer ft Justin Bieber,Lil Wayne,Chance the Rapper & Quavo

Another single and still a club banger didmt achieve the success of previous I’m the One’ with the same line up of features but held it down.

14.Thank You ft Big Sean

Big Sean typah beat…He always raps big on this and watch out for captions.Just like I called it.Favorited.Sean thanks Khaled for playing a part in his breakout-how many artists have Khaled to thank.Incredible Human Being.Giving Thanks the theme and Khaled deserves that and more for this album.

15.Holy Ground ft Buju Banton

Oooooh Carribean strings-Buju Banton again-Reggae redemption.

Overally Khaled achieved insane levels of artistrt in the production-This is complete.Someone give this Man a Grammy.


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